About Our Company
ASPAC Technics is a Belgian EPC contractor which specialises in water and the environment.

ASPAC Technics is a builder. ASPAC Technics Engineers systems, Procures the equipment and Constructs (EPC) the infrastructures to hand over fully-equipped facilities ready for operation to its clients.

ASPAC Technics installs equipment and machinery, builds the civil works and focuses on quality so as to timely deliver reliable systems within budget boundaries in an environmentally-friendly fashion.

The ASPAC Technics teams include experts in various areas of work. The teams are structured to seamlessly collaborate in order to offer maximum flexibility to swiftly adapt to the sites’ requirements.
The company's areas of expertise encompass:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Hydro Mechanical Works
  • Control and Automation
  • Electro Mechanical System
  • Water transport, storage and distribution systems
  • Non-Revenue Water

ASPAC Technics mobilizes the equipment and tools perfectly adapted to each project in its specific environment. The ASPAC personnel is trained to deliver the perfect work.

How We Do It

Building Information Modelling

ASPAC Technics uses the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process to structure the development, design and construction of the projects. This process enables ASPAC Technics to optimize its designs, deliver faster top-quality works and ultimately reduce the client’s investment costs.

Safety is central in ASPAC’s company policy as it puts safety and security first and spares no effort to protect its workers.

Our Vision

Fresh drinking water and adequate sanitation must be made available to every individual anywhere in the world like air is, directly.

Our Mission

To bring fresh drinking water to more children, women and men and to give them access to adequate sanitation every day, both sustainably and at the lowest possible operating cost.

Our Objective

To design and construct innovative and reliable state-of-the-art water supply and sanitation systems.