Ivory Coast

Abobo (Abidjan) Drinking Water Distribution Network Optimization Project (NRW)

(2022-02-01 - Ongoing Project)

Water distribution optimization including:

  •  - Network sectorization in measured distribution sectors with flow measurement chambers at each sector entrance and exit.
  •  - The pressures control with the construction of pressure-reducing valve chambers.
  •  - Replacement of undersized pipes.
  •  - Network extension in underserved areas.
  •  - Installation of cast iron overhead pipes or buried HDPE pipes with anti-pollution barriers in areas at risk of health hazards.
  •  - Replacement of all connections with new connections and all meters with smart meters.
  •  - The replacement of mechanical meters at the outlet of the boreholes with electromagnetic flow meters.
  •  - The installation of a continuous leakage monitoring system on the large-diameter supply pipes.
  •  - Sensitization of the population to ensure that good practices are maintained after the work has been completed.