Non-Revenue Water

Non-Revenue Water is the difference between the volume of water supplied into a system and the volume of water billed to customers. Leaks, bursts and unbilled consumption reduce the available financial resources while increasing operating costs.

Non-Revenue Water = volume of water PRODUCED – volume of water BILLED

Most utilities need to reduce NRW. On average, water utilities lose a third of the water they spend so much money abstracting, treating, and supplying. In some cities, NRW rates can reach over 65 percent. As the potential for developing new sources of water diminishes, water must be used efficiently to meet future demand. Given the challenges in the sector, there is little benefit in investing in new water-supply sources if the current network system has a high level of NRW. Moreover, managing NRW is often cheaper than increasing supply.

ASPAC Technics' objective is to increase the volume of water billed by;

  • Reducing commercial losses
  • Reducing physical losses
  • Managing unbilled authorized consumption

Our network management system implements a GIS solution with custom build network monitoring systems and intelligent sensors. These can communicate remotely to allow water utilities to accurately measure and manage the sources of commercial and physical losses.

NRW management helps our clients reliably operate and maintain their systems, expand and improve service, boost their financial performance, lower energy consumption, and mitigate climate change while becoming more sustainable.